Fabi Lormeau’s world of figures and forms 

Schooled in the grand Rodin tradition – in particular by artist Pétrus in his studio in Paris – Fabi Lormeau was introduced to drawing, modelling in clay and stone carving from living models. She is now 35 years of age and is displaying a whole series of Venuses in prehistoric Périgord - some no bigger than a hand, others the size of a human being – and, so doing, she has joined in the dance of the most minimalist of symbolic figures created by those very first artists of the Palaeolithic Age.

Norbert Marty - a garden of memories 

A now retired horticulturist but nonetheless still very active "gardener of memories", Norbert Marty reveals to us the very best of his investigation into the history of Le Bugue, the pearl of the Périgord Noir. He begins by explaining to us what, according to him, is the real etymology of the famous "AL BUGA".

The Alsatians’ exodus to the Périgord in 1939 

There are few of them left to recall what happened in the Périgord in 1939 at the start of World War II. Forced to flee from their homeland, thousands of Alsatians arrived here with nothing more than a suitcase, seeking safety far from the combat zone. Paulette Bousquet was just 4 years old at the time and she saw them arriving in her little village of La Vergnolle in the commune of Campagne. She tells us how kind and compassionate the Périgordin country folk and the Alsatian refugees proved to be.


Gabrielle Loste and the Cro-Magnon Lion  

Gabrielle Bets, née Loste, aged 92, is a real character and still young at heart. She was born in Le Bugue in 1914 and she tells us of the time she worked at the Château de Saint-Cirq and at the Cro-Magnon Hotel.

They aren’t that used to making front-page news but they’re our very own VIP’s — Very Important Périgordins!