A feast fit for Balzac – 25th Telethon
Château de Sauvebœuf - Aubas
A feast fit for Balzac - Château de Sauveboeuf

25th Telethon – A feast fit for Balzac – Château de Sauveboeuf – Aubas
Exclusive report: Sophie Cattoire – Vincent Lesbros - © FERRASSIE TV - 2012

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25th Telethon - Aubas

A substantial part of the Telethon held in December 2011 in Aubas and neighbouring villages was staged at the Château de Sauvebœuf, which Claude and Florence Douce, eminent patrons of this noble cause, made available to the charity workers. After a bridge tournament, a talk by Gonzague Saint Bris on his recent biography of Balzac and a harp and guitar recital by the “Fingers Crossed” ensemble, came a splendid feast, like those we read about in Balzac’s novels, prepared by chef Eric Boyard and his ‘Il pleut dans ma bouche” kitchen brigade, assisted for the occasion by the “Aubas’Tringue” troupe of actors. A feast and a feat that transported the kitchens and the banqueting hall to the age of the great Flemish masters. A heavenly meal with a very special treat in store, as you’ll see in Ferrassie TV’s coverage of this special event organised to raise funds for the A.F.M., Association Française contre les Myopathies.

25e Téléthon

All year round you can
donate funds for the telethon.

Patrick et Florence

Patrick Magnée, President of the association
« En Quatre pour l'Espoir » and Florence Douce,
patron of the Telethon.

Eric Boyard - Il pleut dans ma bouche

Chef Eric Boyard and his troupe
« Il pleut dans ma bouche » using their culinary and theatrical skills to help the Telethon

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