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For ten years the Périgord Adventure Race has been exploring the jewels of the Périgord.

If a “Périgord Raid Aventure” is ever planned anywhere near you, don’t miss it whatever you do. The pace is hectic from start to finish and in next to no time it’s all over and you begin to wonder if it wasn’t just a figment of your imagination. First along are the race directors who define a territory - preferably a green space - which, without further ado, gets turned into a campsite where a hundred and fifty young people are swiftly pitching their tents on the Dordogne soil, ready to answer the four all-important existentialist questions: “where”, “when”, “why” and “how” - before whizzing off on the expedition.


Everything has been minutely planned: up at the crack of dawn, substantial breakfast, helmet, compass, bicycle pump, headlamp, water bottle and that lethal weapon: the pen that you’re always losing. Now the globetrotter racers can all be let loose in the Périgord (Périgord Pourpre, Périgord Blanc, Périgord Noir, Périgord Vert – it’s never the same from one year to the next) – and it’s “Run for your life !”. The dreaded countdown has begun. Five days of sheer folly. With no stopping they are required to plunge into caves, faults and cavities (sometimes into freezing cold water), fly “Tarzan-like” down a zip-line from the top of the façade of a mediaeval building, play Spiderman on a king-size net thrown over Monbazillac castle, wade through mud baths amongst the pigs – and all that in search of a relic from earliest antiquity, the emblem of the goddess of grain and fertility: the legendary billhook of Eymet, kept in a secret and holy place.


Not necessarily aware of the call of Venus, the goddess of gardens and of love, and with tyrannical Khronos, the god of time, egging them on in concrete terms, our one hundred and fifty racers leave no stone unturned as they explore the ground beneath each of the vines in South Bergerac. When all comes to all it is a team from Sorges, the land of truffles, that, in an amazingly thrilling final, manage to lay their hands on the famous billhook buried in a rock shelter overlooking the Dropt valley.
After the race everyone was rewarded for their courage and enthusiasm while the “Ré d’Urgence Banda” from Eymet struck up an unforgettable “Paquito” with all the participants joining in with all the energy they had got left. Then all of a sudden everything vanished into thin air: the tents, the canteen, the bikes, the canoes and the whole rainbow-coloured tribe of assistants and organizers. In a split second peace and quiet had returned to the village of Le Bretou - but it was all a bit disconcerting and you felt sad and speechless, like when you see migratory birds flying overhead and you dream of their southern destination and shiver at the thought of our winter.

THE FILM OF THE RAID: 45 minutes of action-packed events you can relive to the full

Yes, it really did happen… and FERRASSIE-TV was there to film it! We are pleased to remind you that, like last year, the four episodes of the Périgord Raid Aventure can be downloaded on the Conseil Général de la Dordogne website – and it’s free of charge. And for those of you who would like to obtain the high resolution DVD in its presentation box and show the film of the adventure on your home cinema or on your television, sharing all the great moments with family and friends, you can order it here and we will be happy to send it to you.

Sophie Cattoire

DVD vidéo : Périgord Raid Aventure 2009, La Bastide d'Eymet et la Légende de la Serpe

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