To begin play click a square in your side.

New game of Wari
Game of Sérata

How to play Wari or Awélé:
The aim of the game is to obtain as many stones as possible. To win you must have more than 24 at the end of the game.
The six squares at the bottom are your side; the computer has the ones at the top.
Your wins will be cumulated in the square on the right and the computer’s in the square on the left.
To start play you must click one of the squares on your side that has at least one stone in it.
The stones in that square will be automatically distributed anti-clockwise one by one into the following squares.
If the last stone distributed ends up in one of the computer’s squares containing 1 or 2 stones (to which you have added a second or a third stone) you win the stones in that square. If the preceding square also contains 2 or 3 stones they become yours too… and so on back round the board so long as there are 2 or 3 stones and you are in the opponent’s side.
At the end of the game, if the player whose turn it is has no stones left in his side he takes all the remaining stones from his opponent’s side. To end the game you simply click an empty square.
Final rule: if the distribution takes you more than once round the board the starting square is not filled.
Good luck!